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The transportation industry continuously moves product with a major capital investment in equipment. It consumes a large portion of a trucking company's budget. Understanding the true value helps position the owner or lender to properly leverage these assets.

T&M appraises more than $4.5 billion worth of equipment serving the trucking industry-annually. We value hundreds of thousands of transportation pieces every year. Our staff, industry knowledge and systems are in place to respond to your appraisal needs immediately. No other company is as dedicated to the trucking industry or has such a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The values matter, whether today, next year or at the end of any lease term. Our appraisals help put one of the most significant parts of a decision process into a detailed, understandable form for the trucking enterprise, the family or the lender.

Over the past several decades, T&M has grown and become the appraisal professionals on over-the-road transportation. We are a vital and reliable resource of truck and trailer values for lender and borrower alike.

Located in Fremont, Nebraska, near the Midwestern crossroads of America's transportation industry, we offer our appraisal services nationwide.

Call Mike Winterfeld today at (402) 941-1070 or email us at for your next appraisal.

Ag Equipment

Agriculture today demands a very large capital investment. The highly technical farm equipment necessary to help agribusiness become more profitable requires an even larger portion of the annual budget. Depreciation schedules and lease terms do not seem to make sense without truly understanding agricultural equipment values, market changes and useful life, let alone interest variables, new model specifications and the various equipment options.

Valuation matters, whether today, next year or at the end of a residual stream. Appraisals help put this part of those difficult decisions into a detailed, understandable format for agribusiness, partners, family or the banker.

Taylor and Martin is dedication to providing personal service and our roots stem from agriculture and a foundation in becoming a vital part of the communities we serve. Located in the heart of America's agricultural industry, Taylor & Martin Appraisal Services offers this same specialized edge to today's agri-business operations whether uniquely linked to transportation and commercial business or solely dedicated to production agriculture.

Call John Seymour at (402) 941-1072 or email us at for your next agricultural appraisal.

Specialty Equipment

Reviewing a piece of unique equipment and looking for the current value or maybe on an entire fleet? Our equipment professionals know specialty equipment from cryogenics, motor coaches, car carriers to aerial lifts, garbage trucks and more to provide answers for you on a daily basis.

Matching market trends and movement to condition and age is what each appraisal provides from Taylor and Martin. Whether just a desktop view of the equipment list or a full inspection, give us a call and get current numbers and more.

Taylor and Martin is dedication to providing personal service and our expertise in the transportation industry has made us a preferred provider of appraisal products nationwide.

Taylor & Martin Appraisal Services offers specialized advantages to today's business operations whether uniquely linked to transportation and commercial business or serving areas utilizing specialized equipment.

Call Mike Winterfeld at (402) 941-1070 or email us at today for your next appraisal.

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