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Appraisals - Getting Started


Getting started begins once the specific need for an equipment appraisal has been identified and a review of general questions addressed to help initiate the appraisal process. the following outline and definitions, on subsequent pages, will help determine the correct appraisal product and premise for your needs or feel free to email us directly with your unique situation.

Taylor and Martin begins by requesting an equipment listing, preferably in Excel format:

  • The purpose or specific use of the appraisal product(s) to apply to this list.
  • Valuation choice of either a Desktop valuation vs. Formal (Physical Sampling) Inspection.
  • Your timeframe/requirements for the product.
  • The type of value premise(s) for the inspection required (ie. Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value, Forced Liquidation Value, Net Liquidation Value or Wholesale Value, etc.).
  • Defined age, make, model, mileage/hours and VIN/serial number identified by unit.
  • Please include known specifications for each VIN/Serial Number.
  • Manufacturer's order (Line Set Sheet) specifications for new units in production.
  • Cost data, as available.

Contact information necessary to initiate an appraisal:

  • Requesting company or firm including name, billing address, phone, email & contact.
  • Appraising location, firm name, full mailing address, contact person, email & phone.
  • Appraisal quote will be confirmed in an engagement letter with supplied requirements.

Reporting format and product:

  • Each appraisal product will clearly state the values and premise(s) requested.
  • Reports will identify description(s) of equipment, physical inspection date(s) if applicable, entity appraised, valuation choice(s), entity the report is prepared for and the date of reporting.
  • Reports are sent by email in .pdf format, with an Excel file format and mail delivery available.
  • USPAP (Uniform Standards Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant.
A Formal Report (with physical inspection sampling) generally contains information similar to that within the Table of Contents example below.

Table of Contents (example)

Cover Letter i
Title Page ii
Table of Contents 1a
Purpose of the Appraisal 2a
Method of Valuation 2a
Definition(s) of Value 2a
Definition of Higest and Best Use 3a
Approaches to Value 3a
Basis of Appraisal 4a
Factors Affection Value 4a - 5a
Value(s) 6a
Appraiser Qualifications 7a - 12a
Statement of Assumptions and Limiting Conditions     13a - 16a
Appriasal Certification 17a - 18a
Vehicle Inventory 1 - Ending Page
Summary Final Page

No other company is as dedicated to professional transportation or agricultural equipment appraisals or has such a wealth of knowledge and experience. Expert, experienced testimony, supported by our Taylor & Martin appraisal products, is also available. Keeping your confidence through superior service and a quality appraisal product is our sincere goal in building a relationship with you. We recognize that it is your equipment, your business, and your information to which we have been given access and we respect your confidence and trust in selecting us to serve your needs.

Taylor and Martin Appraisal Services (402) 941-1070 or send us an email.