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Appraisals - Types of Appraisals


Taylor & Martin offers a customized response to your appraisal needs delivering the most accurate information possible within your deadline. These are some of the appraisal services available:

  • Desktop - fast, accurate assessment method to get a value in today’s market; no physical inspection; specifications are provided by the customer.
  • Formal - equipment is physically inspected (typically a representative sampling) resulting in a complete set of specifications and information on condition. Final report may include an analysis of a variety of factors, tailored to your needs.

Some Value Premises (specific definitions are defined within each report):

  • Fair Market Value - willing buyer-willing seller; full knowledge and no time constraints
  • Orderly Liquidation Value - willing buyer-seller duress; full knowledge and some time constraints
  • Forced Liquidation Value - willing buyer-strong seller duress; full knowledge and significant time constraints
  • Net Liquidation Value - gross liquidation value less estimated liquidation expenses
  • Wholesale Value - gross value of a set of assets sold as a group