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Purchasing at Auction

Used equipment auctions provide the fastest, most effective method of buying equipment – the auction process works efficiently for both buyers and sellers. Working with Taylor & Martin Auctioneers sets you up with a proven industry leader who has years of experience promoting strong buyer loyalty and has set the highest of standards for customer service to sellers.

ABSOLUTE and PUBLIC – Taylor & Martin auctions are absolute public so there are no buy backs, no minimums, and no reserves. Adhering to this philosophy promotes strong buyer loyalty and participation. Buyers know everything will be sold at fair market value and sellers know they won’t have to deal with unsold equipment. Every piece of equipment goes to a new home that day – no loose ends.

Taylor & Martin auctions are conducted in a professional and no-nonsense business environment. The auctions are held nationwide and seventy percent of our business is from repeat customers – proof of Taylor & Martin’s reputation of commitment to customer satisfaction.

Participation in the Taylor & Martin auctions can be done in-person at the live auction location, online through or phone bids can also be placed in the days prior to auction day.

For additional information about registering to bid and purchasing at a Taylor & Martin auction, please visit our frequently asked questions section of this site or call 800-654-8280.

Need additional information?

Let us help direct you to the correct department within Taylor & Martin – for an appraisal, consulting, tracking a title, purchasing a warranty, travel or equipment transportation and preparation ... we are a full service auction company and can accommodate all of your needs.
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