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How to Buy Equipment

When you want to buy the best equipment available, it helps to start with one of the best transportation auction service companies in the country. At Taylor & Martin, we're known for our honesty and professionalism, our integrity and quality customer service, earning us the confidence of the country's broadest and deepest customer base.

Our dedication to customer service is also evident in the flexibility we offer our buyers. You have the power to choose how, when and where you want to buy. Make your purchase at one of our live auctions held nationwide, choose our online option to tune in and bid on our live auctions from anywhere, or explore T&M Buy Now — a new resource that lets you bid on individual pieces of equipment sold by fellow T&M customers.

You choose the mode that works best. We'll provide the service and resources you need to find the right equipment.

How to Sell Equipment

If you're interested in selling used equipment, working with Taylor & Martin — one of the top auction service companies in the U.S. — can give you valuable peace of mind that you're getting the best service and the right price.

We offer dedicated customer service, weekly truck auctions, semi truck auctions, trailer auctions and other opportunities across the country, storage facilities for your equipment, appraisal services based on more than 89 years of trusted experience, online bidding to ensure your equipment reaches an even wider audience, marketing services to promote your sale, and more. Learn more about our resources, and take the next step toward getting your equipment sold, quickly and efficiently.

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Why Taylor & Martin

As the industry leader in the truck auctions, trailer auctions and beyond, Taylor & Martin's services have become the benchmark in the industry. For sellers, we offer nationwide established auction sites with equipment storage facilities; complete equipment appraisal, cleanup, prep and transportation; cataloging services; marketing support; internet bidding for national and international bidders; title transfer, documentation and payment collection after an auction; support from a professional travel agent for any travel or lodging requirements and more.


Payment & Fees

When you sell an item through a Taylor & Martin auction, our policy is that net auction proceeds (gross sale price less commission and any expenses) will be remitted on the fifteenth banking day following the auction. Settlement will be in the form of a Taylor & Martin company check. Included will be an accounting statement and copies of any expenses.

When you buy equipment, you will first need to register to participate in the auction. Find more information about registering and acceptable forms of payment in our Resources FAQ section.

If you would like to finance your purchase, get pre-approved with one of our finance partners.


Marketing Your Listing

At Taylor & Martin, our trustworthy reputation has garnered an extensive customer base of current and prospective buyers, as well as website traffic with an average of more than 85,000 visitors per month in 2023. Each year, we spend over $2 million on strategic ad campaigns in trade publications and newspapers, ensuring our sellers are given wide exposure to the truck and trailer buying market. We also utilize our proprietary, continuously updated mailing list to distribute a full-color brochure with detailed equipment specifications and photographs prior to each auction. With our unmatched reputation and multiple advertising avenues, you can count on us to bring the right buyers to your consigned equipment.


Registration & Resources

Registration is quick and easy. Once you sign up, you'll have free access to our last 30 days of auction results. Plus, you'll have able to search our inventory, and you can sign up for personalized email updates if you choose. Or, if you'd like access to our sales data dating back 5 years, you can purchase a subscription to our True Value Guide with options ranging from a single day's subscription to an entire year.


Locations & Shipping

Taylor & Martin is based out of Fremont, Nebraska, but we host auctions at locations across the U.S., in every region of the country. Auctions are held weekly and can be attended in person or our online auction service. A full list of auction dates and locations can be found here. If needed, we can arrange for transportation of your equipment to the auction site and will deduct the expense from the gross sale proceeds.


Multiple Platforms

With multiple sales platforms available, our sellers can count on having access to the avenue that works best for their needs and equipment. Sell your vehicle at one of our auctions held weekly across the country, or utilize our new T&M Buy Now option, which allows you to sell your equipment online to the highest bidder. Once you list your item, the auction won't begin until the first bid is placed.



Used equipment auctions provide the fastest, most effective method of selling your equipment. As a seller, you can expect an efficient, well organized process and sale. Plus, by working with Taylor & Martin, you'll have the advantage of working with a proven industry leader with a loyal customer base and an eye for quality, in-demand used equipment. Explore our current inventory to see for yourself.


Equipment Appraisals

At Taylor & Martin, we have more than 89 years of proven appraisal experience, and our sellers have come to rely on our detailed, accurate appraisals to ensure the right price for their equipment. Our team is equipped to perform inspections at locations across the U.S., evaluating everything from transportation equipment to ag and specialty equipment. We'll walk you through our appraisal process and help you determine which appraisal method is right for you. Learn more.

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