Registration Policy

Helpful details on our accepted forms of payment

The following list provides an outline of the ONLY forms of payment Taylor & Martin (T&M) accepts. 


  • A $5,000 deposit is required to partcipate in each T&M auction. Deposits must be in the form of a wire transfer or credit card.

Purchase Settlement

  • Please note that you must pay in full within 24 hours of the conclusion of the auction. T&M does not accept cash, credit cards for full payment (deposits only), debit cards, bank drafts, money orders, third-party checks or Comchecks. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 800-654-8280.


  • If you choose to write a personal check to pay your remaining balance in full, we require a letter from your bank on bank letterhead. A letter from your bank showing your account balance is not a letter of guarantee. Your bank letter must state:
  • That your bank will irrevocably honor or guarantee your check, OR...
  • Your bank will finance any purchase up to a stated dollar amount.

Wire Transfer

  • In cases of wire transfer, we require a $5,000 deposit before giving you a buyer number.
  • If you do not purchase anything, your deposit will be wire transferred back to your account the day after the auction.

Cashier’s Check

  • Cashier's checks may be used for settlement only and cannot be used as your deposit.
  • If your total purchase is less than the amount of your cashier’s check, T&M will write you a check for the difference.

Credit Card Deposit-VISA/MasterCard

  • $5,000 - for assistance with processing your credit card deposit, please call a T&M representative at 800-654-8280. Your credit card deposit will be applied to your purchase. A 3% convenience fee will be added to your invoice. The total amount paid by credit card cannot exceed $5,000 (maximum fee charged of $150). If you are not a successful bidder, your credit card will not be charged.