Taylor and Martin Appraisal Services provides a quality appraisal product, wrapped in superior service.

The Industries We Serve

With more than 89 years as a leader in the auction business, Taylor & Martin has the experience and insight to offer detailed equipment appraisals and trusted, personalized service to customers in a variety of professions, dealing with equipment in multiple industries – from transportation and agriculture to construction and beyond.

Our appraisal professionals will listen to your needs and work with you from your detailed equipment listing to answer a standard list of general questions – from the purpose or specific use of the appraisal product(s) and your timeframe, to known specifications for each VIN/Serial Number. Once we receive this information whether conducting a Formal appraisal with an inspection or providing a Desktop appraisal from your provided information, we will deliver a thorough and personalized report.

Taylor & Martin Appraisal Services has extensive experience appraising equipment for the following industries:

Long Haul Transportation

Investing in an equipment appraisal can help owners utilize the true value. Taylor & Martin Appraisal Services (TMAS) appraises everything from the sleeper tractors to the dry vans and refrigerated trailers that haul goods across the U.S.

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Regional Transportation

Over the past several decades, TMAS has grown to become the go-to appraisal professionals for over-the-road transportation. We’re equipped to value day cabs, auto transports, flatbeds, drop decks and assorted trailers carrying material for many growing industries.

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Intermediate Deliveries

Located near the American crossroads of Fremont, Nebraska, we provide valuation for Class 5-7 carriers and shorter inter-city deliveries serving our growing population.

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Heavy Haul Transport

We provide appraisals for the tractors and trailers that haul heavy equipment to job sites, plants and sales locations.

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Bulk Dry or Liquid Delivery

No other company is as dedicated to the trucking industry or has such a wealth of knowledge and experience. We appraise industry assets that haul refined fuels, plastics, food grade liquids, sand and cement, asphalt and other assorted products.

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TMAS offers appraisal services for transport trailers, irrigation, ag tractors, harvesters, implements, sprayers and floaters. We also appraise assets that transport livestock, grains, fuel, seed and refrigerated meats, as well as other equipment necessary in farming today.

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Motor Coaches and Shuttle Vans

You can trust us to appraise motor coaches, school buses, mass transit, electric alternatives, as well as other industry assets that focus on efficiently moving people within town and across the country.

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Oil Field Equipment

TMAS provides appraisals for equipment needed in the preparation, processing and hauling between job sites and across the U.S.

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Lifts and Yellow Iron

Our construction equipment appraisals extend to the expensive support equipment necessary in the daily operation of our clients’ businesses.

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Environmental Resources

Appraising equipment utilized in the cleanup, containment and specialized applications requires experience. You can count on our experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

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Types of Appraisals

Our highly respected appraisal capabilities extend to a variety of equipment types, from semi-trailer trucks to tractors and beyond.

Desktop Appraisals

Taylor & Martin Appraisal Services offers a customized response to your appraisal needs, delivering the most accurate information possible within your deadline. Our Desktop appraisal option provides an accurate assessment method to get a value in today's market. No physical inspection is required. Fees are based on the scope of work, quantity of assets, types and breadth of assets, timeframe, value premise, and number of reports needed. Fees can be quoted as a flat rate or on a per-hour basis. All specifications are provided by the customer.


Formal Appraisals

With our Formal appraisal option, equipment is physically inspected (typically a representative sampling), resulting in a complete set of specifications and information on condition. Formal Appraisal fees are based upon the scope of the work, quantity of assets, types and breadth of assets (years, makes, models), timeframe, value premise, percent of assets to be inspected, number of locations to visit, and number of reports needed. Fees are typically quoted as a fixed fee plus travel related expenses.


About Taylor & Martin Appraisals

Based out of Fremont, Nebraska, Taylor & Martin has risen to the top as a nationally renowned auction company, and we've learned a thing or two about appraisals. No other company is as dedicated to professional transportation or agricultural equipment appraisals, or has such a wealth of knowledge and experience. Serving a wide range of people and institutions in need of appraisal services, from lenders and lessors to legal professionals and private parties, our goal is to surpass your expectations and to build a relationship that lasts for years to come. We recognize that it is your equipment, your business, and your information to which we have been given access. We respect your confidence, and we're grateful to you for trusting us to serve your needs.


Appraisal Resources

Each of the personalized appraisal reports includes a detailed assessment of fair market value, orderly liquidation value, forced liquidation value, net liquidation value and wholesale value. Reports will identify description(s) of equipment, physical inspection date(s) if applicable, entity appraised, valuation choice(s), entity the report is prepared for and the date of reporting. Our table of contents (seen in the sample report) is standard. Download the sample report for closer look at the output we provide — or view our recent newsletters below.

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Speaking Engagements

The Taylor & Martin Appraisal Services team can provide helpful, engaging industry-specific presentations that detail our insight on your specific needs. Let us know if you would like us to present to your sales team, analysts, asset managers or management staff about a specific area of interest.