Trends that are changing the trucking industry in 2022

The trucking industry is one of the biggest business districts in the U.S. contributing to the country’s economic achievements and its global dominance.

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New Products for the Trucking Industry

Recently a new, lighter wheel was released and a new hands-free headset for truck drivers.

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Is Automation in the Near Future for Class 8 Vehicles?

How are current trends previewing the future of automation for over-the-road heavy haulers?

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Remotely Monitoring A Truck Fleet

According to research conducted by Research and Markets, truck fleets are migrating to centralized fleet tracking and control.

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The Dawn of the Hybrid Class-8 Truck

Class 8 trucks help empower the world’s supply chains. Without them, the world would, without exaggeration, come to a stop.

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Designing Tomorrow’s Truck with Efficiency and Fuel Savings in Mind

Truck designers continuously seek new and better ways to design trucks and allow for added truck equipment that may be incorporated into a truck design to boost fuel efficiency. Such designs may focus on the overall structure of the truck, but also includes equipment such as wheels, tires, and even mudflaps.

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Could Your Next Truck be Fueled by Hydrogen?

Heavy-duty trucks powered by fuel cells and battery electric power are beginning to make inroads as a viable means of propulsion for over-the-road truck transportation. Such a power transmission presents a whole new chapter in the power of truck vehicles, and subsequently changing commercial transport.

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Fuel Efficiency

Boosting MPG and Fuel Efficiency: 10 Ways to Get it Done

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Under Pressure

Fleets keep their trucks moving with tire pressure monitoring systems

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