Why is it Beneficial to Consign and Sell With an Auction Service

            Auctions provide the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective method of selling equipment. Absolute public auctions require no buy backs, no minimums and no reserves. Adhering to this philosophy promotes strong buyer loyalty and participation. Buyers know everything will be sold at fair market value, and sellers know they won’t have to deal with unsold equipment. Every piece of equipment goes to a new home that day – no loose ends. We have based our reputation on these business practices and principles.

            Consigning trucks, trailers and other miscellaneous items gives both the bidders and the consignor the opportunity to deal with professional salespeople and auction staff who have carefully examined and analyzed each piece of equipment. Our sales team is trained to help find the right buyer for each consigned piece of equipment that is listed at auction.

            Selling with an auction company also creates a competition with a competitive bidding environment, so if more than one buyer really wants the equipment that you have consigned, this will maximize the purchase price and get you the most money for your equipment, which may not be an option if you are to choose to sell your inventory privately.

            Consigning with Taylor & Martin also offers a convenience factor that many other auction companies do not offer. With eleven different auction sites throughout the continental United States, it is easy to find a convenient location with a professional sales team to consign your equipment with.

            When you consign with an auction company, you are reaching a broad spectrum of bidders that you simply would not have access to on your own. Taylor & Martin has spent years growing and building a reputation with a wide variety of clientele to ensure that no consignor ever feels like they did not receive what they were expecting after they consign equipment with the Taylor & Martin team.

            Another advantage to consigning with T&M is the ability the company has to adapt to various situations. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has learned how to continue to serve its consignors and its buyers with many options offering convenient alternatives to serve the public. For example, Taylor & Martin has temporarily moved its absolute public auction service completely online, however it is still being called by a live auctioneer to continue the competitive auction environment to get the best outcome for both our consignors and our buyers. Over the road equipment is unlike other industries in that the demand for trucks, trailers and other miscellaneous equipment does not subside, so with T&M going online during the pandemic, it continues to meet the demands of consignors and buyers alike.