Recent equipment trends

With new equipment orders from manufacturers being behind by several months, many semi-tractor-trailer buyers are looking for other solutions to ensure they have the proper equipment in their lineup to make sure they can get the job done on time and as efficiently as possible. Many buyers have started looking at auction services, like Taylor & Martin for solutions to ensure this can happen.

Recently, many buyers have been searching for late model Class 8 vehicles with low mileage. The lower the mileage on the semi, the more valuable the vehicle is to buyers. Other more obvious factors that contribute to the value of an over-the-road vehicle are minimal to no cosmetic damage as well as a clean and upkept interior.

Another factor that consumers are looking for is the make and model of the semi they are looking to purchase. PACCAR manufactured semi-trucks (which include Peterbilts and Kenworths) have a reputation for remaining on the road for upwards of one million miles with routine maintenance.

As far as semi-trailers go, many consumers have been searching for dry vans in recent months. Late model dry vans with little to no cosmetic damage have been in very high demand in recent auctions due to supply chain issues with producers.

Dry vans have a wide variety of uses and practicalities that make them very valuable to a consumer. You can haul nearly anything in the enclosed trailers which offer protection from the elements.

Continuous changes in delivery options also contributes to the high demand for dry vans as well as container chassis. Large distribution centers are working to increase their fleet, acquiring as many semi-trucks and trailers as they possibly can to maximize profits that were lost specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taylor & Martin has a wide variety of semi-tractors and trailers readily available at auction week after week.